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Frequently Asked Questions?

Below are some common questions customers have asked us in the past?

This is always a popular question and it is always the longest to answer....Probably the most important issue is to select a reliable and efficient company to do the job for you. If you are lucky enough to find someone by recommendation from a friend or neighbour, you're almost home and dry - but what if you can't? Do you go for the nationally known (and expensive) 'Big Names' or trust to luck with someone out of the local free ads?

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for - the big companies are pretty much guaranteed to do a good job with good quality materials and back up - however all that national newspaper and TV advertising has to be paid for and while you will get a certain peace of mind with a big player, you may well pay more than you have to for the job. Trust the Warmglaze team and you will have satisfaction for years to come.

For glass, regular cleaning with a clear spray will keep it sparkling. Regularly washing the UPVC with warm soapy water should keep most of the dirt at bay.

Generally the answer is no - conservatories can usually be erected with the minimum of fuss and paperwork - However planning permission will be needed if:

The conservatory exceeds 50 cubic metres in volume (or 10% of the houses original volume) if built on to a terraced house or 70 cubic metres (or 15% of the houses original volume) for other types of house. Any part of the conservatory is within 2m of a boundary. Any part of the conservatory projects beyond the existing front wall or is higher than the highest part of the roof line. The property is in a conservation area or is listed. The property has been previously extended. The conservatory would take the extended area to over 50% of the garden.

No, you do not need to move out of your home while your new windows are being installed. We normally complete one room before moving onto the next and will talk to you first to explain exactly what is involved.

Yes, old windows and doors and more likely to allow heat to escape from your home, which in turn will increase your energy bills. Double glazed windows have greater thermal efficiency which should help to reduce your energy bills.

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